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Hi there! We are LastToLive, a upcoming game development team. We’re looking for multiple people who have allot of skill and are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, ‘Last Shot’
which will be a SHOOTER GAME with a low-poly approach.

@Le_ShuffleOnYouTube - Game Creator
@bloxcheese - Builder (mapper of phantom forces)
@helperobc - Scripter
@TetuaniX - 3D Modeler / Meshes
@AkibTheGamer - GFX & Design
@ZombiePlugin - Animations / Animator
@ItsCandelz - Builder
@Disparrel - Music / Sounds In-game
@thiscouldbeyou! - UI
@thiscouldbeyou! - Scripting / Programming
@thiscouldbeyou! - 3D Modeler

We are looking for experienced 3D Modelers And Scripters/Programmers and definitely a UI Designer.
We expect high quality things made and please be sure to include your portfolio when messaging us.

Our game needs allot of work still and if you join you agree to work for the game when we need you.

We are paying by a % of the game earnings as the whole team is getting that payment too, if you want to figure the payment out etc, please be sure to look bellow and contact us!
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, Discord or via Twitter at:

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in the team! :innocent:


I am ZombiePlugin :slight_smile:


Can I be a UI designer of gfx art? Here is my GFX portfolio (Open) GFX Commisions Only if you have a flat payment though

Hey, I couldn’t seem to find any ui examples.

Hey I might be interested in the UI Position! [OPEN!] DaffyDavinko UI Designer and Translator [UPDATED!]


Be sure to hit me up on discord, or contact our dev team on twitter!

yessir, great animations haha. Hopefully we get more people aboard.

Hey, I’d take the scripting position. I checked out helperobc and he is a good scripter aswell.

please contact me via discord, or us via our twitter.


you can hire me my discord is bigdaddy’sBurrito#6651

Hey, add me instead since I can’t add you.

I added u accept! cant wait to work with u

imtrested in this position for user interface: kuoves ✘#9867

Hello. Add me in discord lionfeli1238#3564

Highly Interested! Sent a Friend Request on Discord!

please add one of the following social media’s stated in the post

Hello! Im highly interested in the scripting position. Im Aluminum_Dev in Discord. Heres my portfolio: [LOOKING FOR A JOB] Scripter For Hire! ScriptedIcy's Portfolio

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