CLOSED* Army Group is hiring a builder!

About Us

Hi! We are the South Vietnamese National Army and We are hiring a Builder at this moment!

Our Group:!/about

Our Games So Far:

Our Team
@Officer8771 - Holder
@ALANWAL44 - Builder #1
@marfit - Scripter
@ArdominB - GFX
@ScarlettHope - Builder #2

Your Job

You are supposed to make military bases like you’ve seen in military games. It will need to be completed in 1 to 4 hours.


We are paying 7000 to 7500 per asset. Our preferred payment is by group donations in our group.


You contact on the devforum or on my roblox profile about the job.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

hey! i’d like to be the builder, but i’d like to be paid before my work for multiple reasons. my discord is: phorba#8385

emm sir , pls talk to me in dsicord imma sho you the work for thw builder add this in disocrd:Orinthian Playz#4556

I dont use discord. But you can show me your work in here!

ok but in message ok???

Ok It works for me in devforum

add this guy in roblox : XProGamer_YTXx

If you want to run a group you NEED discord, and so you can send Dm’s.

Hey, I am very interested in this project, please look over my portfolio and let me know what you think.

Have a good day.

Hello I’d like to be the builder. Dm me on discord Abdi Malik232#9076 and I will get right with you

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