{CLOSED} Attack on Titan : Glory is hiring for a builder! ($60 USD with discussion!)

Attack on Titan Glory

About Us

Hello folks, I’m Sekiro, owner of discontinued game Attack on Titan : Last Hope (8.5k member group) looking to make a new Attack on Titan Permanent Death / Group Lore game. I am here to bring the best experience out there when it comes to this genre and I am hitting hard and will sink my everything into this new game.
I’ll be getting a main group out soon enough, for now I’m focusing on the scripting aspect of my game.

Though I have no mind of a release date I do like to have my team’s progress consistent and actually worthwhile. My team consists of two modelers, three builders, two animators, and one scripter. When it comes to my team, I am very specific in what I want and I will help you to the best of my abilities.

Completed Work

(Map is just use to as a sample)
Armored Titan

About The Job

We’re looking for an advanced builder who preferably works in blender (however if your work is exceptional then you’ll be considered if you only operate in studio). Long term builder who’ll take payments per task and can build entire maps or small buildings as well as terrain work. Your work will vary but it will be very medieval based.


What developers tend to dislike about me is how I use other people’s work as a reference but I am not to put the developer down but instead motivate and tell my developers that they can do better. So all I ask, is for you to communicate well with me.


$60 USD (Can be discussed and negotiated as long as you run me down through the complications.)
(Willing to go higher)

Contact Me

Those of you interested, show me your portfolio and send me a reply with your discord!
Roblox User : LoneWolfSekiro
Discord User evan!#0517

As I get quite a lot of friend requests on discord, please make sure to leave a reply here with your name!


Hello I am interested and I have added you.
I know the building style and I can do it as well (I don’t have the same building made though)

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Im interested, Im experienced in building and modeling, I can build in most styles but preferably low and mid poly.

Portfolio [OPEN] Experienced Modeler and Builder

Discord: Stranded_Ocean#4377

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the builder role still open?
my discord:robloxforlife348#8224

Thank you to everyone who applied! We have found an amazing builder and I bid you all well in your next roles.