[CLOSED] Bakiez Bakery is looking for a new Lead Coder (Head of Development)!

Hey guys! We are still open and looking!

Heyo! I’m interested.

samtheman#7181 my comms are open. :slight_smile:

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Greetings! I am interested, if its still open! I sent a Friend request!

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So basically what your looking for is someone to create a Ordering system, then a food/drink making system. And then something to do with a datastore which you haven’t explained what it’s saving. Then a keybind system where players can do stuff to get XP. I’d be interested but I’m not a UI designer so someone else would have to make the UI.

Can’t apply for this role, as I program in other languages, not lua sadly, but I beleive this job would be an amazing experience for any programmers looking to have an amazing and fun job. Bakiez is an amazing community, and I urge you guys to put forward your resume for a chance at this amazing opportunity. Good luck!

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Hey I am interested in this post, I sent a friend request to both of those tags, Here is my portfolio, I normally copy and paste this message to others.

Portfolio: I was wondering if it would be possible for me to become a developer for you guys I am experienced and have been developing for almost 8 years I have a portfolio if you want it I am active everyday and I can be on everyday. This is my portfolio Roblox Developer Portfolio (If you want more pictures dm me on discord, Editor#9786 - Album on Imgur I also work for this huge group •The Order of the Sith• - Roblox as a dev LuisAries - Roblox I made most of the games for these groups •The Order of the Sith• - Roblox The GaIactic RepubIic Army - Roblox I work for this big group too. The Roman Empire   - Roblox The Roman Patronage - Roblox 𝗧he 𝗚aIactic 𝗘mpire - Roblox the star wars games I made was mostly by myself I do everything development wise and I work for big groups so I could help alot. I have a flying system that and represent my abilities to script and I made most of the Script/Builds on the following game: Roman Belgica - Roblox on here. Here is my flying system game Fly A Tie - Roblox

Hey everyone! We’re still looking!

I think that you will have a much better chance of hiring someone if you clearly state the payment rather than dance around it and tell them that they can discuss it on discord.

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Hey Voulge I left a DM for your person of contact and she said she would talk to you and it would take like two weeks is this true? Like have you gotten anything from her?

Contacted you on discord, I may be interested in the payment is good.

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Hi, I’m very interested in this position!

I’ve sent you a friend request and hope to hear back from you soon.

-Jimmy Head Developer LDD

Discord Tag: jimmy!#0001

Hey, I am interested and messaged you on discord!

Is payment only in ROBUX or can you pay in USD as well?

If your interested

Hey there, I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord and sent you a list of groups I have worked for before, and how much experience I have.


I am interested contact me on Discord : ItsChoco#0902
My portfolio : Old portfolio, please ignore

Hey, I’m interested, I sent a friend request. My username is Barty200#1019

Sent a friend request, I am AcceptingOP#1323.

Currently closed. If we reopen again, I’ll let you guys know!

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