[CLOSED] Bakiez Bakery is looking for a new Lead Coder (Head of Development)!

Who am I? What is Bakiez Bakery?

Hello everyone! I am the current Creative Director and the Founder and Owner of Bakiez Bakery, a community-based game here on the ROBLOX platform. We are known to be one of the fastest-growing Cafe-style games here on the platform and one of the most played cafe games out right now; with over 500,000 group members and 10 Million+ total place visits. In addition to that, we are one of the top 1,000 games here on ROBLOX!

Our goal for Bakiez Bakery is to allow our community members and daily players to have as much fun as possible and have a great experience with their friends!

What do we need?

We are currently looking for well-experienced, and reliable scripter to be our new Head of Development and Lead Scripter. This job will consist of scripting our new Version 3; in addition to weekly updates to keep the game refreshed, well maintained, and keep players excited for future updates. We are also looking for someone who has decent UI design skills in addition to their scripting skills.

Some of the things you will be doing:

  • Create an entire Baking System (Chef) similar to the roblox game Bakers Valley, so that Chefs can bake pastries for customers.
  • Create a Drinks System (Barista) so that Baristas can make a number of drinks for customers.
  • Create an Ordering System (Cashier) so Cashiers can take orders from customers.
  • Create a spill system so that Trainees can clean up spills on the floor with a mop, as well as clean dirty tables, counters, etc.
  • Create a datastore system that stores all data in the game.
  • Create a completely interactive game with points, in-game currency, avatar customizer, shops, “Press E to Interact” interfaces, level up system, and EXP system.

There is so much more but that’s just an idea of some of the things that you will be instructed to create.

Version 3 is to be the last and final version for the community and we are hoping to find the best developer(s) to deliver. This project is highly anticipated.

Contact Info/Payment

If you are interested, please contact Co-owner Deilghtful or Chief Communications Officer, Hazzy on discord! There, they will be answering any questions you might have, give additional information, and discuss payment options whether it be percentage or job to job payment. Information regarding that will not be posted on this forum due to obvious reasons.

Discord Tag(s):

You must be 13 years of age or older to apply!
If you happen to have any further questions, feel free to reply to this post or message me!


they should establish a payment so that depending on that the work that is willing to pay is taken into account

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Already discussed payment options! ^^^^

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Hey, I can’t really program myself but I’m going to suggest someone who is extremely talented. Here’s their portfolio: [CLOSED] Scripter | Imaginze | 25 USD/7k Robux


Thank you so much for that! Is he still closed?

I’m not sure. He recently opened his portfolio but I don’t think he’ll turn down a job like this.

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I would love to. But I feel under-experienced. Here’s my portfolio regardless if you have any interest. 4wku | Programmer & Builder

Well, My friend wants to do it Since I told him this post that you made.

Hey! Thank you for your interest! You have no scripts to showcase on your portfolio therefore we cannot decide if you’re up for the task or not!

Add me on discord. There’s a ton of reasons why there’s non uploaded but I will love to show you some work pieces. (My apologies)

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You haven’t disclosed any payment information. Are you paying through USD, or robux? How are you planning to pay? Would you pay before or after completion?

Are you paying in USD, Robux or percentage?

I might consider this depending on the answer.

We will be paying on ROBUX. And I already disclosed how we will be paying. We will be paying on a per task basis. So you complete a task, then receive payment for that task, then move on to the next task, etc.

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Robux. We after completion of a task.

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Hey guys! We are still open and looking!

Heyo! I’m interested.

samtheman#7181 my comms are open. :slight_smile:

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Greetings! I am interested, if its still open! I sent a Friend request!

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So basically what your looking for is someone to create a Ordering system, then a food/drink making system. And then something to do with a datastore which you haven’t explained what it’s saving. Then a keybind system where players can do stuff to get XP. I’d be interested but I’m not a UI designer so someone else would have to make the UI.

Can’t apply for this role, as I program in other languages, not lua sadly, but I beleive this job would be an amazing experience for any programmers looking to have an amazing and fun job. Bakiez is an amazing community, and I urge you guys to put forward your resume for a chance at this amazing opportunity. Good luck!

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Hey I am interested in this post, I sent a friend request to both of those tags, Here is my portfolio, I normally copy and paste this message to others.

Portfolio: I was wondering if it would be possible for me to become a developer for you guys I am experienced and have been developing for almost 8 years I have a portfolio if you want it I am active everyday and I can be on everyday. This is my portfolio https://imgur.com/gallery/9tAApJw I also work for this huge group https://www.roblox.com/groups/2931379/The-Order-of-the-Sith#!/about as a dev https://www.roblox.com/users/566472364/profile I made most of the games for these groups https://www.roblox.com/groups/2931379/The-Order-of-the-Sith#!/about https://www.roblox.com/groups/2778941/TGRA-The-Galactic-Republic-Army#!/about I work for this big group too. https://www.roblox.com/groups/2815443/The-Roman-Empire#!/about https://www.roblox.com/groups/3355715/The-Roman-Patronage#!/about https://www.roblox.com/groups/3721017/he-aIactic-mpire#!/about the star wars games I made was mostly by myself I do everything development wise and I work for big groups so I could help alot. I have a flying system that and represent my abilities to script and I made most of the Script/Builds on the following game: https://www.roblox.com/games/422960210/Roman-Belgica on here. Here is my flying system game https://www.roblox.com/games/4540393916/Fly-A-Tie