[CLOSED] Baskin Robbins, Hiring Graphics Designer!

About Us

Greetings! I am the current Vice Chairman of Baskin Robbins! We are a group with over 15k members, going on 16k members. We are looking to restart our group so to do so, we are looking for a Graphics Designer.

The Team
@Axrilia - Builder and Acting Chairman
@CalebbXVI - Recruitment Officer, Partial-Scripter, Acting Vice Chairman
@[Empty] - Scripter
@[YOU!] - Graphics Designer, Chief Design Officer

About The Job

We are currently trying to find our Graphics Artist and Chief Design Officer to make a couple quality graphics for our group. This job will most likely include making logos for our group logo and games. (You will not be required to make gamepass logos.)

We need 2-5 logos based on how much R$ we currently have.


Payment will be discussed with the Owning Team, (myself and Axrilia). Until then, please join our communications server in the ‘Contact Us’ portion of this forum post.

Contact Us

You may contact myself either by replying to this post:
Hello! My name is (), I’m interested! Here is my discord: ()#()! My username is ()#()

Discord Server Invite: Nj8RDgS
(Friend Request Me) Discord Tag: caleb#2647

You must have discord and be of the appropriate age!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Still looking for a Graphics Designer? I make 2D art!

Contact me on Ungoliant#0347 if my style matches what you have in mind!

Awesome. I’ll friend request you. I want to see your work!

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