[Closed] Bloxstation looking for Builder [USD]


We wish to replicate the game, Space Station 13, we wish to transform it into 3D. The basics of this game is person on the station must do their job and maintain the integrity of the station and keep it running. We’d enjoy if you had a microphone (not required) and are required to be above the age of 13.

About Us

We are a group of friends wanting to make a final project on Roblox and we’d love to share it with others and have fun in it too.

The Team
@flunting - Project Lead
@Gutiriik - Modeler
@bagon03 - Builder and Project Lead
@zZGalaxySolarManZz - Lead Scripter
@ExcelUp - Junior Scripter
@Gerhardtmsg - Manager

About The Job

We’re looking for Map Builder for our game, we’d like 2 maps in total; however, we can pay for just one if you only wan to build one. The map is space station. We want it entirely flat no stairs or anything just one flat level there can be a bit of incline but no too much. More information will be given upon contacting us. Also prepare a portfolio of your work when contacting us.


We are willing to pay up to 50 USD for 2 maps, 20 USD for 1 map. Yes, you read that right if you make 2 you get an extra 10 USD. Price can be increased if map is of above expected quality.

Contact Us



Is there a certain build style you need? If so please show examples. Here’s my portfolio, I may be interested.

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