[CLOSED] Cafe ordering system

About Me

I am currently the owner of Wonders Ice Cream. A 6k member group that is growing everyday. We’ve done a lot since the revamp of the group and have made it a great place.

About The Job

I need an order system for my ice cream parlor. A customer would walk up to the barista, the barista would click the computer to open the ordering UI. The barista would then type in the customers name and a list of food we serve appears where the barista can select the items the customer orders. Once the barista selects the items, the customer receives a list of everything they ordered and is able to press ‘confirm’ or ‘cancel’. If they press confirm, the barista will receive a UI that says the customer confirmed and a list of the items the customer ordered, then the barista make the items and press the ‘hand’ button which would deliver the items to the customer, end the order and give points to the barista depending on the amount of items the barista successfully gave to the customer.


I am paying 10-14k robux through group funds depending on the time it takes to complete and the amount of effort and time it took you to create.

Contact Me

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, on Roblox (F_rxd) or on Discord (fred.#0001).
My preferred way is Discord.


Hey! I recommend, @ReturnedTrue for this job!

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I think I’m able to do such a thing like this, I sent you a friend request on discord.

Sounds simple, send you a friend request on Discord.

If you need a ui designer, maybe I could be of assistance.

I should be able to do this with a quick handover time. Highly interested and have sent you a message on discord.

I am making a cafe system just like this, if you want more information, I have added you on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

I am interested in this position as a scripter, just added you.
Discord: SquidBoy#0001

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