[CLOSED] Cheap Scripter, GFX Designer, & Text Logos!

Hi DevForum members! Here is my portfolio.

About My Work

I am a small Roblox developer that enjoys working on projects and helping out others for cheap prices. I specialize in scripting, a style of logos similar to GFX, and text logos. I will show examples of my work below.



Nothing yet as I don’t have a screen recorder like Gyazo (there is a reason I don’t have this)

I can do the following:

  1. Basic functions such as onTouch and onClick, etc.
  2. Intermediate stuff such as overhead ranks for groups, etc.
  3. Discord Webhooks
  4. TweenService with GUIs
  5. Almost anything to do with GUIs

I cannot do the following:

  1. Guns
  2. Cars/Vehicles
  3. Discord Bots
  4. Websites
GFX Style

I do not use Blender to make my GFXs, but rather Roblox Studio.

Text Logos

Made in Photopea, not Photoshop as I am a small dev and can’t afford it.


I know, this is what you’ve all been waiting for! I price my assets very cheaply and all prices are negotiable. Do not feel pressured if your budget is too low since we can always make an agreement for the pricing! :slight_smile:

Scripting Services


Simple System (onTouch/onClick for GUI, etc.): 0-50 Robux per system
Intermediate System (Group overhead ranks, etc.): 50-250 Robux per system
Advanced System (Discord Webhooks, etc.): 150-300 Robux per system


Fade-in/Fade-out: 5-15 Robux per UI property, such as TextTransparency or BackgroundTransparency
Sliding In/Out: 10-20 Robux per UI property, such as Frames

Anything else regarding GUIs I will price out accordingly.


It is 25-50 Robux per GFX, and please provide the following upon request:

  1. Avatar
  2. Background Colors
  3. Top Text & Bottom Text
  4. Pose of Avatar
  5. Additional Info
Text Logos

As I am still learning this concept, I will only charge 5 Robux per text logo. Please provide an image in your request.


You must agree to my terms to hire me for work.

  • There will be no NSFW whatsoever. (Keep everything PG)
  • Feel free to spam me, it doesn’t bother me.
  • It may take time to fulfill your request as I may have other people before you.
  • I only accept Robux, no USD or Limiteds.
  • Scamming is not tolerated: I save chat logs to ensure that if a scam occurs, I have proof.
  • I don’t require this, but please try to be respectful and don’t swear if the conversation occurs in Discord.
  • I have the right to decline any order for any reason without an explanation.
  • FOR ART: You may change the order at any time with a maximum of 2 times
  • FOR ART: I require payment after you have seen the watermarked product and like it, and then I will send the non-watermarked version.


Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/1118898407/profile (my PMs are set to Followers Only)

DevForum: I check DevForum every day, so feel free to contact me here.

Discord: R0bl0x10501050#9989 (If you contact me on Discord, you must be 13+ and please either provide your username in the replies on this post or share the link to this post in the DM so I know who is contacting me. Thanks! :slight_smile:)

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10/10 very fast delivery and very cheap, I would highly recommend him. He made me an ad and it looks very good!

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You also said you were not to experienced so It would be perfect to give you advice. Next time be more pacific in your post.

Thank you for your constructive criticism, I’ll work on my logos. I can’t use Blender so I’m forced to use alternatives but I am trying to improve lighting and the after-effects.

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In my opinion I use Ibispaint to make my logos because its easier for me. Ibispaint is free on mobile but not supported on laptop/PC.
Here are some free useful website links to create your logos:

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Lol, I use all three, mainly photopea for complex (my idea of complex :frowning:) logos, Pixlr for everyday ads and stuff, and Sketchpad for cool fonts/shapes since I don’t like to download fonts.


You should try out blender for your GFX! They come out clean and really proffesional and it doesn’t take anytime at all. If you find it difficult remember, There is nothing of worth when it comes easy. So, take this as a learning experience! I’ll tell you once you learn how to do one, it is very easy!

Side: Note @bjjepic There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, she is trying to help point out parts that need improvement that will help the developer grow and be a better developer in whatever he is doing. Also, please be proffesional and try to use good grammar as well. Also, use correct tags as well.

As for @Aytillia I know you were doing the right thing but PLEASE do not continue arguments with people. If someone doesn’t agree with you on something, Either A, ignore it or B, bring it to a Private message chat. Arguments on post clog it up for people who really want to ask him for work

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I recently hired @R0bl0x10501050 and did NOT regret it! When I gave him a task, he immediately started working in it. He is extremely active and open to suggestions. I’m definitely going to hire him again! I would rate him a 10/10!


Hello! I have sent you a DM regarding my scripting order as you seem to be a very experienced scripter especially with UIs with a cheap price, which is exactly what I have been finding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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10/10 Once he started my logo it was a matter of 10 minutes, and it ended up just how I wanted it. Super fast, high quality, cheap, and amazing service!

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