[CLOSED] City Development Project [Hybrid of payments PayPal/Robux/Percentage!]

An Insight into Denmark and Copenhagen

Hello, I am Bohors and I’m currently looking to find a team of developers to get my Ro-Nation up.([DK] Kingdom of Denmark ⊡ - Roblox) This is a fairly large project so I’d be paying my developers in intervals to make their dedication feel worth while due to this being quite time consuming and a prolonged project that would take 3-4 months+ hence the payment in intervals and should you be willing to work for us in the long term we are more than happy to pay with percentages of robux.

Our community encompasses multiple sectors including an elected parliamentary system, a defence force, a judicial system, as well as a private sector which will have a transport system such as a metro and the right for citizens to establish cafes and other businesses.

Now, some of you may be sceptical about this and whether it would earn money however our capital ‘Copenhagen’ will have developer products where you can buy in game cash to use for multiple things within our city such as food, bike hiring, guns, knives, using the public transport system; including things such as buses and the metro. Many Ro-Nations in the past has earned a substantial amount of cash due to the abundance of things to do.

The Team
@Bohors - Building
@Carl_Biones - Builder
@Toxic_Beams - Programmer
@CheeseBazooka - 3D Modeller

About the job

I’m looking for another builder to help me with with creating filler buildings, palaces, nyhavn, our metro, stroget and the general construction of our capital.

Our programmer will help with our in game cash system where visitors/unemployed citizens will earn 50 kroner every 5 minutes and if you are an employed citizen you would earn 75 kroner with the same duration of time.

Programmers will also help with setting up our metro and would be expected to work alongside builders when the time comes to it this includes setting up a gui with a ticket barrier that would ask for a payment of kroner to ride the Metro.

Following on about what I said about the payment of kroner to goods they will also be expected to do the same for bike hiring, buying weapons and food.

3D Modellers will help with creating our vehicles including Ford Mondeos, Volkswagen Passats that will be for the police. We will also need general civilian cars such as Volkswagen Golfs and Ford Fiestas.

We’d need 3D Modellers to create a USP Compact, handcuffs, radio, ticket fines ( this will be helpfully scripted by our programmer), as well as other equipment for our police such as vests, helmets and rank slides.

We will need food to be created such as danish sausages, frikadeller, mackerel which people can buy.

Lastly, we’d need knives which can be brought by a knife dealer scattered around the map.

I’ve probably missed thing off aha and I’d probably list more in our conversations.


I understand this is a long, time consuming project which may leave you worried on whether you will get paid. hence why I have listed a hybrid of payments but I am quite wary as when I tried to get this project up before I was scammed 130 USD.

I will pay by intervals and once you’ve finished something such as Christiansborg Palace you will get a payment or you finish an in game cash system however this is a long term project and I’d much rather ought to a percentage of robux which we will accumulate via our dev products and game passes we sell.

I currently have 10,000 robux on me which I know is no where near enough and I’d much rather use this money towards advertisements to promote our group.

I have about 50-70 pounds in my PayPal but I can get more in their if needs be.

I know with the amount I’m offering I’m unlikely to find highly qualified and skilled developers to match the quality I am looking for but I’d implore you that this is a legitimate job and I won’t scam.

Ro Nations nearly always earn money and via our dev products and in game kroner system as well as game passes it is inevitable we will earn and payment can be offered.

Once again, I am sorry for the low payment for this huge, time consuming long term project but this is something I feel extremely passionate about due to my Danish heritage via my parents and grandparents even though I currently live in the UK and it would mean the world of me if my vision could become a reality.

*Contact Us
You can contact me on the DevForum. @Bohors
You can contact me on discord ollie#5794
You can contact me on twitter https://twitter.com/BohorsOfficial

Thank you for reading more about this extensive project and once again I apologise for the low payment and will completely sympathise with you should you not feel comfortable with undertaking this but I have been scammed so much and have battled my way through to establishing promising communities.



Do you need gfx artists to create thumbnails and icons?

You can contact me here or Msami#3783 on discord!

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No, I don’t need graphics yet at the moment I am solely concentrating on the sole development of Copenhagen.

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Another thing I am willing to do small upfront payments IF you meet a certain criteria.

  • Must show a detailed portfolio.
  • Previous projects you’ve worked on and the amount of payment ( evidence is needed)
  • Reputable and helpful member of the DevForum.

You must meet the criteria if you want to expect an upfront payment this is due to the issues I’ve had in the past and I’m rather wary about doing this consistently.

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I you are in need of a ui diesigner, just know I am open

Im a builder and a scripter and would love to help, discord is UNITED_Lacker#4037

Alright, if you ever need one then just contact me!
Also, for consideration later I only take :robux: Robux as a payment method and sometimes I do it for free depending on if your nice :laughing:

I would of asked for a UI Designer if I wanted one if you read some of my previous statements I just wanted to get the general construction and scripting done I will concentrate on things such as UI, Graphics and Uniform at a later date.

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All the positions are still open!


Builder role has been filled by @Distazed.
I am still looking for both a 3D Modeller and Programmer!

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Im a scripter bro, and i can script the things you want. Discord is UNITED_Lacker#4037

Programmer role has been filled by @Toxic_Beams
I am now only looking for a 3D Modeller.

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3D Modellers are still needed.

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Builder vacancy is back open the last builder requested to be withdrawn from the project for which I agreed too.

I am only look for committed builders with an extensive portfolio willing to work alongside me.
Contact my discord or message me on here and you must be willing to work for a LONG period of time bearing in mind this is a city.

Of course as I stated in the payments it would be done in intervals if you are desperate otherwise it can be done in percentages which I’d prefer so I can commit my robux/paypal towards advertisements and promotion of the group giving us a more long term benefit.

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Another thing if you do give up you won’t go without payment you will get compensation or a a small reimbursement if adequate work has been done.

Say you’ve done a Palace with interior and some fillers you would get paid on the palace alone as that’s a fairly significant detail. Obviously you shouldn’t expect a payment after giving up on two small buildings without an interior.

This should only happen in emergencies as I’d only consider serious developers that are willing to undertake this long project.

Applications are still open! Should I not find anyone by Friday I will close this thread.

I’d prefer to be messaged on discord; I don’t check my twitter often sorry!

Not interested, but I do have a bit of critique surrounding the vehicles. You note that you are looking for 3D modelers to help with the vehicles, are you looking for low-poly vehicles or imports from other 3D model purchasing sites? If so, this makes sense, however, if you are looking for high poly designers, I’d highly suggest scrapping looking for modelers of those, and purchasing models off a reputable 3D modelling site seeing as high-poly vehicles take an extremely long time to model you’d be better off finding pre-made models.

I’m looking for 3D modelled cars that have an interior not all 3D websites have that and besides I’d need a modeller to edit the details such as police logos, light bars seats etc.

Builder role is closed.

Thank you to all those who applied.

Only a 3D Modeller is needed!