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If you are looking for a ui designer, I may be of assistance.

I can script kinda good I can make a story game script and stuff but I might have to get scripting help from friends to get all the bugs out sorry.

I’ve added you both on discord.

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I am quite new to roblox studio, and I know basic scripting. I can help as a secondary scripter for no pay and help fix bugs if we do encounter them. Tell me if you would like the help I will send you my discord account.

I have been working on a story game myself and scripting it myself I have gotten quite far in it and I have a lot of scripts I can copy and paste as a scripter for the game.

Sorry but we are not looking to re-use scripts :sweat_smile:

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I can still script… lol [EXTRA STUFF]

How about hiring me? are you making a singleplayer story game? because that’s my thing, I make singleplayer games that are optimized and close to no lag or delays.

Check my samples:
Most of my other games are deprecated due to updates, but these are the one’s that are currently working.

try download, playing a video, or update your windows while playing “The return”(after the loading ui" you won’t notice lag

hey, what is your discord we can talk there?

I am interested. I have worked on several small projects and worked with everything that you said you need in this.

My published game (gave up on it because the builder stopped)

Hello, I might be the right person for this. I already made a story, turned out really good, with 150k+ visits, played by several well known youtubers. I’ll add you on discord.
Bone - Scripter#7011

hello can you add me on discord

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sent request, name is not a game developer

Neither of us received anything. Add me Andy🦉#2401

ok there, I thought the owl emoji was supposed to be just for design so I removed it lol

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