[CLOSED] | Clothing Designers

You can check this and contact me if you are interested (open) ₮onic experienced clothing designer for hire

I attempted to contact you days ago however you didn’t seem interested, if you are just hmu.

Is your work only girls clothing or you have boys clothing like supreme, if you do then I would be interested to hire you

Very confused. Are you paying us to put our clothes in a homestore…? Please clarify, I didn’t understand. c:

Based on me reading it, I can clarify that they want clothing to be MADE for the the clothing store.

I am looking for an experienced clothing designer that is interested in letting us use their clothing to feature in the home store

Yeah if I like the clothes I’ll purchase rights to use it to feature in the home store; what I usually let my designers do is still be able to feature it in their own group if they have one since I am OK with that - shown in the recruitment post:

Let me remind that you still have the right to use the clothing but that I can have permission to use it in my home store.

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I’m good with that, message me if you want to get some examples of work I would be willing to have featured in your store.

Not sure if this is still open, but I sent you a friend request on Discord just in case!

OK @Lukas_811 I will join soon.
@SamWillGoHam Accepted! Thanks for applying

This is still open if anyone’s interested! Through this thread I was able to meet many people and I am still looking for more.
Remember, clothing does not have to be ‘MADE’ for the homestore, but can be existing designs I can use for featuring.

Hi, if your still interested in hiring, I’d be glad to apply. My portfolio is here

Hi, I’m not sure if your still hiring but I’ve sent a friend request.

I’ve accepted all friend requests sent thank you!
@MissMae15 Thanks for applying. I will contact you if I am interested in featuring your work

Hey! Can you add my discord so I can send you a link to my group, as well as some outfit showcases? I still don’t have a portfolio set. Thank you! My @ is ozzy🍃 arcadia#1619

@ozzy2299 Sent a friend request! I do like your designs

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I didn’t receive it, maybe because I changed my @ some time ago? My new @ is ozzy#1619, let me know if that worked

I already have contacts with you; check your DMs!


I’ve gotten many great requests from good/intermediate designers and this is still open, however I would like to clear out something:

I had someone come up to me a while ago that was interested for the job but then he said he’s never designed clothing before [??] and if you want to be more aware of my standards, check out our group store before reaching out immediately - this is not an opportunity for like your first day of designing to get featured.

Nevertheless, I am appreciative to everyone who takes their time to apply, and the example I talked about only applies to a few out of many people, so don’t be discouraged from reaching out to me if you think you will make the cut! :slight_smile:

I would love to make clothes for your group! I have been a clothing designer for 1 year. I currently do not have a portfolio as I am working on other things related to my career as a clothing designers. Anyways, I have some clothes in this homestore I recently made: https://www.roblox.com/games/5513881472/Fassios-Homestore?refPageId=68d90951-7236-47c8-928f-1f47a23fac0b

I built the homestore, and made all the clothes in there. I have also been working for different clothing groups so please hit me up if you want to see some more clothes I have made.

Discord: IngeFersTe#0547
Roblox: IngeFersTe

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