[Closed] Coop! is hiring Animators

About Us

Greetings! I’m meteor0id, a builder, modeler, and UI designer. I’m looking for developers, namely a scripter or two and an animator, to help me make a game.
The Team
@meteor0id - Builder/Modeler/UI designer/Lead Developer
@gutoggg - Scripter

@couldbeyou - Animator

About The Job

I’m looking for experienced animators to create some animations for my game. Details on the positions can be found below.


You should be able to rig and animate pre-made models using a modeling software or Roblox studio, preferably Blender, and be able to export those animations to studio. You’ll be animating chickens, with animations such as walking, idle, eating, etc, as well as animations for the character such as refilling feed and water and such. More details will be given once you are hired.

Style should be cartoony, low-poly, bright, and colorful.

Example of the game's style

As for a time frame, I’d like the project to be completed within a few months, but you should make updates and complete work in a timely manner, preferably withing a few weeks of you getting hired.


Payment depends on the quality of the work, and how much work is completed in a set time frame. As of now, I’m only able to pay through robux and percentage, not real life money.

The animator will be payed by commission, per animation. I’ll be willing to pay upwards from 250 R$
per animation depending on quality and complexity, although this is completely negotiable depending on what quality you think you can create.


You can contact me through discord at Meteor0id#6619, or through DevForum. If you have any inquires relevant to the project, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing your applications.

When contacting me, please provide:

  • Your portfolio, or past work.
  • Your experience in your area of expertise.
  • Any other information you think would be helpful to increase your chances of being picked.

I am willing to make the animations for the chicken and the character, and also i have one question - is the character R15 or R6?

@meteor0id I like the name! Best of luck buddy!

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If you need a GFX Artist.You can visit my portfolio

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Haven’t decided yet, but I’ve found my animator.

I am interested I sent you a friend request. My discord is FemiRobloxDeveloper#3915

I wouldn’t say my work is that impressive, though I think I can do what you need the scripters to do
Ignore the payment part
My discord is Soupy Gamer#8044

ur discord is wrong it says, can u update it?

Should be meteor0id#6619, sorry about that.

We’re still looking for animators! Prices are negotiable. You MUST be able to rig (and animate) custom models.

Your discord doesn’t work, you can dm me at OB5E55ED#8804 if you still need someone, I might be able to help.

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