[CLOSED] Crystal Studios is Looking for a Talented UI Designer

About Us

Hi! My name is Rallient, and I am one of the founders of Crystal Studios. My team has been working on a modern horror game called “Pandemic” (bad timing for a name, I know) that is based on surviving waves of mobs, scavenging in the wilderness for loot and food to survive each wave, and finding/earning cash in-game to buy defenses and other upgrades.

The Team

Below I have included the job title everybody has and their percentage cuts:

@Rallient - Lead Builder and Project Manager |20%|
@dVenomHD - Lead Programmer |35%|
@KellyAutumnValor - Sound Effects + Building |0%|
@cademan122133 - Composer |10%|
@MediavalDeathLord - 3D Modeler |20%|
@kuoves - UI Designer |15%|

Please note that these percentages are based on how much each person has contributed so far and are subject to change at any time.

About The Job

I have personally attempted to make UI for the game, and unfortunately, I am better off as a builder. Therefore, we are looking for a talented UI designer who has experience in creating custom icons and framework. The main theme that we are trying to go with is modern/horror, something different than what other games have to offer. If you are interested, please note that I am not looking to commission, I am looking to hire a UI designer to be apart of the team for the long run. Here are a few of the many things that will be needed

  • Inventory System
  • Health Bars (Stamina, Hunger, Health)
  • Weapon Shop
  • Menu

In-game screenshots

lobby not yet completed


There are a couple of requirements I do ask of. Please be older than 13 years of age and show professionalism. If you are hired, I ask that you are able to be comfortable and mature to work with other developers.


This is a development team, so I prefer to pay you via game percentages (15-20%). If that does not interest you, then I can pay you per frame/asset in USD following DevEx rates.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact me here on the development forum or on Discord @Rallient#6261 and I will reply shortly!

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


I’m interested in this position. Sent you a friend request.

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I will be getting back with you shortly :slight_smile:

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Here’s my stuff.

I am interested in the job

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Sent you a friend request on Discord :slight_smile:

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