[CLOSED] Crystalize is Hiring a Variety of Developers!

Hi! Are you looking to achieve realism in your game? I do lighting to help your game become more realistic. Here is my portfolio if you are interested.

Hey, I’m Raze a UI designer and graphics designer with 2+ years of experience. I can create thumbnails/logos (front page graphics) as well as game images and icons, and User Interface sets to go along with your game. I make all of my designs on Adobe Photoshop, and or Inkscape.

My portfolio: [OPEN!] User Interface Designer and GFX Artist for Hire! | Raze

You can contact me on discord at: Raze.#0001

Sorry, I wasn’t sure if the positions are still open, please get back to me.

Hi ım interested, im a GFX Artist (for hire)
My portfolio here: GFX Artist For Hire - FireAtacck [OPEN]
If u liked my arts you can contact me on discord

Discord : FireAtacck#7601
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FireAtacck_GFX

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