[CLOSED] Diamond Drop - Small Project Gameplay Programmer


1,000$ upon project completion.
• Experience & Friendly professional work enviroment.
• The opportunity to be apart of an organization of groups pushing Roblox’s limits.

Construct complex frameworks with perfectly straightforward APIs.
Everything should be created to work with all platforms.
Optimization and making everything as interactive as possible is key.

Some of the tasks you’ll have to complete are:
• Data System
• Round System
• Beautifully implementation of UI
• Looting, Inventory, Crafting System


I will be looking forward receiving well written applications at: business_inquires@nedelcu.cc


If you can’t write an application under e-mail, I’ll be able to be reached on discord at ned#9849

Happy to hear that, I am very interested, Eric_Homemade#1243

Looking for another programmer! The project size is quite small.

Applications will most likely end up today, don’t hesitate to contact.

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Hello, Very Interested!
This is my Portfolio.
Added you on Discord : ItsChoco#0902

Thanks for reading :smiley:

If you still need a programmer, Job as a Scripter

Also, I would rather have ROBUX instead of money, negotiate though.

Is it ok if I message on developer forum instead? For applications?

The post clearly states that he wanted it to be through a email,

He would’ve put Devfourm if he wanted to be messaged through the Developer Forum.

Hello! I am very interested!
You may find my portfolio here.

Sent a friend request on Discord. My tag is: Jayy_N#0001
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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