[CLOSED] Experienced GUI artist needed for Loading Screen

Hello! Low Poly Studios is looking for an experienced GUI artist that can make us a loading screen. I will put a picture of our current loading screen below but we need something a lot better ASAP. We are looking for someone that can fit that theme, Low poly, cartoonish, loading screen. Please DM here or preferred discord: NaranjoScenes✔#8570

Via group funds: 500, I can go a bit more if needed but I cant spend too much on the loading screen.

We also need someone to improve our current GUI’s, If interested, let me know and we can talk about payment of that too!

Hello! can i help u? send me an message in discord like iiEvilEverettii#1347

Add me, I’m interested! I’m really good at designing UI’s!

Contact: astronaut on saturn#3362

I would be down to help if still open.

If you want contact me at Jayden#2049

I’m interested. I am specialized in designing loading guis, it will include play button too. I will fully script it. Check every detail about me in my Portfolio

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I suggest @Techyfied for this job, he has done a lot of things for me. Legit, fast, amazing.

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Hey there, I’m interested, you can find my portfolio here. Have a nice day!

Haha, He did dm me, He used to work for the same person I worked for.

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