[Closed for now] Light Balanced is hiring a low poly 3D Modeler/Builder (FULL TIME)

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Please read this post carefully. Collect the information we are providing, and think if you’re fit for the job. When sending us an email for the job, please keep it on-topic (Do not say i’m a modeler if we are hiring a scripter) Thank you, and good luck!

Job Type: Full-Time
Role: 3D Modeler / Builder

About Light Balanced
Light Balanced is a hardworking development studio on the Roblox platform. The team strives to create complete, quality, and amazing content for users of all types to enjoy! Light balanced delivers an immersive experience for our players, and developers to enjoy. We encourage creativity, social interaction, and we are pushing the limits of Roblox development.

About The Game
The Light Balanced team is working hard at creating a city role-play type game, a social game that allows players to live their very own exciting life! Players may customize their house, create a family, complete specific jobs, host events, own pets, and so much more! The game has been inspired off of Adopt Me! (By DreamCraft) we are looking to push the limits of creativity, and incorporate a unique play style in our game.

Letter From The Founder

Hey there! You feeling fit to apply for a job? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are looking for unique developers that are willing to contribute their time to create an amazing game for players to enjoy. We would love to add you to the team, but cannot promise that everyone will make the cut. But, don’t worry there is still hope. Please send us an email (Below) and apply. Don’t think you are fit for the job? Don’t worry, there is always a next time, and that gives you time to learn more! Thank you for reading the post, maybe i’ll see you as part of the team!
–Skylexion, Light Balanced Founder


Job Requirements

  • Must be willing to contribute to many unique updates, and ideas. So with this being said, you are required to help the team.

  • You must be Active, and perform task assigned to you, along with possibly leading a few assignments

  • You must have a lengthy experience with one of the two category’s

  • You must being willing to act as a member of the team, and not back down from certain jobs, or resign without notice.

  • Must be willing to accept positive criticism

  • Have great experience with the low-poly build style

  • Must be willing to work in the desired position full-time with a salary range, and not payed for every project completed

About The Job

  • Create various unique assets that range from object buildings (like a 3D model a giant blender, sort of like the ice cream cone in adopt me!) to designing different types of furniture, along with designing various smaller objects.

  • Contribute to future updates, thus meaning designing update assets, and other update concepts.

  • Create unique shapes, and ideas that are tasked for you to build or model

  • You must be fit for the job, and provide vivid examples of your past work, along with the ability to create these assets without major flaws, or complete objects that look nothing as described.

Below are examples of “object buildings”, “unique assets”, and "different types of furniture"

Object Buildings

RobloxScreenShot20200605_183242793 (2)

Unique Furniture

We are not paying for every asset you create. You are payed every month from the range listed below.

Percentage: 25%
Monthly Payment: 1000-2000USD/MNTH

The monthly payment will be how much you are payed every month IF the game is successful. Otherwise, it’s percentage based.

We are looking for all types of developers! You must be 15 years or older to apply for the job. To apply for the current opening, please contact use via email sheriffliamm@gmail.com and please include the subject as “Developer Enrollment” while emailing, please include the following information in your statement:

  • A copy of your Resume, or previous work

  • A brief explanation about why you would want to work at Light Balanced

  • Links to your previous past work that is displayed in-game (If possible, or just a portfolio)

  • Any extra information you would like us to know

We are limiting 2 emails per-person. So please include any desired information within those 2 emails. Any other emails from the same user will be ignored unless important.

Question, or comments?

No worry’s, shoot us a DM via the follow:

  • Discord: Skylexion#1457

  • Twitter: @LiamSkylex

Official Light Balanced Recruitment Post


Do you mean full time as in 8 hours a day ?

No, just you stick with the team for however long. Not like hired per-asset

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I don’t think you should advertise this as " Monthly Payment: 1000-2000USD/MNTH" when you state, that will only be given " IF the game is successful. Otherwise, it’s percentage based." This is very misleading, what you should say is “percentage based but capped up to 2000 dollars”


Interested there is my portfolio DEV_Sam Portofolio
also contact me on discord DEV_Sam #7438 for the furniture designs,cuz i can’t publish the here.(also I can draw so that mean every single picture will be unique,made by myself)

This is a very deceptive way of advertising payment. Transparency when hiring people is important, don’t bait people with 1000-2000 a month when that is just a completely theoretical number based on if your game does well. Just say 25%, because that’s what it is.

Edit: realized someone bumped this and its oops

I don’t think the pay is enough for what you are looking for but also unreliable. If the game doesn’t do well how will you pay your modeller/builder? , If this game did get as huge as Adopt me the pay is a rip off for those who work on it because you would definitely make a big amount, so I suggest you stick to a % rather than a USD payment.
Also, what are you doing for this project? What is your role in the team

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