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Hello, I’m loertis, I am offering my services as a builder. I have been building on the ROBLOX platform for around 2 and a half years now. I specialize in building, more specifically building small to large Cafes, Bakeries, Towns, and Grills. I am offering my building services for related games like that. I am not great at building terrain, military, space-themed and futuristic style. I have previously worked for a decently sized group, Bitez. This is my first time really selling my services, as I have just given people things for free.

My Work

Recent Work


Mission: Save the City!

Cafe: (Inspired by Avien)

Arena: (Trees and Particles not made by me!)

Older Work

Other Work:

Pizza Place: (Tables and Chairs are not made by me!)

Finished! Hotel:


Game Lobby:

I am available 5-9 hours a day on Weekends ! You may contact me anytime as I often check discord and the dev forum. I might be able to work 30 - 1 hour on weekdays depends on what day it is.

My pricing is negotiable as there is no flat rate. Prices for a small sized build would be around 5 USD or R 7,000. I accept onetime payment only at the moment. My preferred payment method is USD but I will accept Group Funds. If you are interested, contact me about the size and the build itself and I will give you an estimate.

Contact me on the Dev Forum, My Roblox PMS or discord loertis
#9029. (Note: I keep my discord on Do Not Disturb so feel free to DM me!)


Awesome work man.

Thanks, I appreciate it very much!

NP hope to see more soon…

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I will be updating the images soon!

Thanks for the compliment and I’ll do that next time!

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Added a new picture, it is the arena.


Mind adding me on Discord (jx#0001), yours doesn’t work!


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