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Hello, You’re Here Because You Want A Free Logo I am Currently Making Logos For Free To Gain Experience. I am A Beginner so don’t Expect Some Jailbreak Logo. Anyways here’s some of my work.

My Work

Thanks For Reading I Am Usually Available on Fridays And Saturdays at 3 PM EST.
I will do Logos By Order I will spend around 1-2 hours a day maybe more.
So If You DM Me First I will do yours First.
Starting on Saturday (2 days from now)
Discord: FuriousNinjaBoy1#5085
Thanks For Reading :grinning:

FuriousNinjaBoy1 was amazing at his job he got it done fast and it looked great. I would defiantly hire him if I was you.Thanks FuriousNinjaBoy1 for your work!

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Hey if your still doing logos id like one. Ill message you on the dev forum.

If your still doing it, please message me on the devforum.

Hello, I am furiousninjaboy1 my account was terminated and i do free logos again right now. If you are ever intrested again dm me on the Devforum. also i have improved in designing logos here is my post about it!

I am still doing it to this day I was just terminated

Those are the proof of my account banning.(Not gonna talk about why I was banned.)
Just gonna say two words Apple Refund

Hi, even though it’s for free, I definitely think you should develop more in your GFX skills as the images used in your free logos are from google. The commission sheet is drawn in some app and it doesn’t look good overall. I highly recommend watching some tutorials on youtube or anywhere else on how to improve your Designing/GFX skills.

Best Of Luck!

Thanks, this is a very old portfolio. I am currently working in GFX Right Now. Thanks for the suggestions.