[Closed] GFX Artist

Hello, I’m in need of a gfx artist who is advanced at the job may be needing 3-5 more info in DMs for my group


Negotiable in dms I have a huge budget for gfx artists I’ll pay 1k At max but will be added on more of them I ask for

Edited. 30chaaasaaaaaaarrrrrrrs

Hello, I am experienced with creating GFX. Contact Info: C_robix#0121

JHello, how are you? I’m interested for GFX. But i don’t use applucation GFX, i’m use Roblox, Can i send pictures? My name is Grenouille # 0604

Send pictures in DMs same for @HarrowedCrobix

I am willing to leave my portfolio here for you in case you would like a commission: [OPEN] shadow_duo324's 3D GFX Portfolio

Here’s my portfolio:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED] Just in case you want to do a commission.

Hello, I’m an experienced GFX artist, contact info:FK#0902 (PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR DISCORD USER)

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