[CLOSED] Gladiator Minigames is Hiring a UI Designer

gladiator minigames
Hello! I am Bobbysayhi and am currently working on Gladiator Minigames with my partner, Stormcell! It is a 20 person, last person standing fighting game focused on classic sword fighting! Currently, I am in need of improved UI and am coming to the dev forums to see what is out there.

If you want some pictures of the game, look here:



About The Job

I am looking for someone with experience making UI. Currently, I have a portion of it made on my own that I feel like could be improved upon. I have liked the idea of a paintbrush design, and have been going for that. What I need in total are:

  1. Shop, Inventory, Trading UI
  2. Intermission UI (Winners, Losers, Scores)
  3. Settings and other misc. stuff

I will provide you mock-ups of every idea I had before you start, nothing will be a surprise for you during this project.

What I've Done


As stated, I was hoping for these to be improved along with additional mock-ups I will provide.


I prefer to pay in USD instead of robux, hopefully this is not an issue! I do not expect to see anything un-watermarked until I paid.

Contact Us

Please just post portfolios of your work as a response or message me! I do not want to add anyone on discord unless I am sure I’ll work with them.


Hello there, I seem interested in this UI position: [OPEN] loueque - UI/GUI Designer



Hiya, I’m interested in this opportunity and am wondering if the spot is still available?

Hey, interested in the job.

My portfolio - [Open] Barteks399 | UI Designer

Hey, I am interested if the position is still open.

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