[CLOSED] GUI Designer needed!

About Us

Greetings! We are Pastriez (Not the 400k group), a small Bakery group with big aims. We have recently taken over the group in order to revive it to its original state, and are in need of a GUI Designer.

Note: I am asked this a lot. We did not copy the larger group, and I had no part in the original naming of the group, and were formed before Pastriez was made.

The Team

@goalmwo - Chief Operating Officer
@killerbobyea123 - Chief Operating Officer
@SimpIyCrim - Chief Finanical Officer
@dalevv - Scripter
@ Your Username Here! - GUI Designer

Our group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3348682/Pastriez#!/about

About The Job

We are after a GUI Designer that can make a modern interface for an ordering system, shop and more. More details can be provided on discord.

Examples of the work we need

(Our other scripter who unfortunately quit made this example)


We are able to pay any reasonable amount in Robux. If the payment you put forwards is unreasonable, we will look elsewhere. Percentage is preferred, and we can negotiate an amount.

Contact Us

We are only looking for an experienced GUI Designer, please do not contact us if you are looking for a different job.

You may contact me here on DevForum or on Discord. My user and tag is Spork#1400. You must have Discord to apply, so we can contact you with ease.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hey! I have experience in GUI design. Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio

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Hey, I don’t think you need a GUI designer for this. The programmer you hire can easily do it, after all it’s just some frames with transparency and some text labels inside.


Added you. Portfolio: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!

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Hello there, I’m TyPlays_YT and I have experience in GUI. I can do tweening, gradients, etc. Here’s my portfolio: CLOSED | Scripter and UI Designer | @TyPlays_YT Portfolio

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