(CLOSED) Hiring a Builder to make a gothic "castle high school" [1000$USD+]

About Us

Hi! I’m supernob123, most commonly recognized for my ugc creations, my work on dinosaur simulator, and my upcoming game “World of Dragons”!

About The Job

I need an experienced builder, preferrable one who can operate in blender (although not required) to build a very large castle that doubles down as a highschool for monsters for a game that I’m working on. (Think of highschool except with monsters). The castle should have several different rooms, all furnished with themed furniture. I will be available to assist with this so the whole workload won’t be entirely on you, but I am also busy with my other projects! It’s a big project which is why I am offering $1,000 USD (not robux, actual dollars)


$1,000 USD or more depending on how well you do and how much work it takes

Contact Us

Contact me here on the devforum or on twitter @supernob12three
Serious inquiries from experienced builders only please!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I think I can do this for you, I do not use blender though

Hi, I’m interested.
My portfolio:

DMed you on Twitter. I’m certainly interested, more details would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, im a builder and i have already worked on the Gothic style during my last creations and i use blender. Some of my creations:



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