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About Us

hi there, i work for a project called ‘zeitaku’, and we’re looking for a logo designer who’d provide us a proficient logo alongside a social media set to aid us promote our game(s)

our teams consists of:
owner - @N_RS
scripter - @Polyheximal
modeler - louxen on twitter
ui designer - @AshTheDesigner
builder - @Squidzyee

more details regarding reference and style will be given within private messages will be given within dms, though we hope you stay in our team. for more broad horizons though, we are a japanese pod hotel. i cannot stress enough that we want something reputable and something that reflects us in general.

furthermore, if you reading this aren’t a logo designer yourself, however you know someone who may be willing and qualified for this position, please refer them below and if we pick your recommendation, you will be paid $25.

Contact us

feel free to add N_RS#9329 on discord, and myself ash.#2801

good luck and we hope to see you on the team!

we have hired our logo designer, sadly nobody referred us to them, maybe there’ll be future opportunities like this again.


Feel free to refer anyone it could really get you 25$ just for that!

I’d recommend this artist here

I’ve sent a request my name is luca#9358

Apologies if we did not make this clear in the initial post please please do not contact us unless you are experienced or know someone who has been in the field for a good amount of time we are not looking for render’s and we are not looking for new people in logo design, so please keep that in mind before contacting us.

Well, I reccomend @s_izzles She makes amazing logos.

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We are looking for logo designers not renders or anything in between so recommend someone who specializes in 2D art.

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