[CLOSED] Hiring a map builder

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  2. We may reopen If our current team doesn’t work out, we’ve hired a separate modeller and a builder

About Us

Hello! Me, and my team, Recoil Studios, Is currently working on an upcoming Realistic FPS shooter; Deadline.

The Team
Black Shibe#4208 - Scripting, Animation, Gui design, Map layouts
ScrubLord21#1301 - Meshing, Sound design
archie#0439 [Resigned] - Building, Environment design
Emil#7946 - Investments
Rubber Duck Shobe#8332 - Graphic design (logo above)
No one from the team currently has a devforum member status.

Here’s our group, with a game prototype: RECOIL Studio - Roblox

The current map


About The Job

Our old builder, Archie, was tasked with creating a demo map. Progress on the map fell drastically during summer because of personal issues, and ultimately he had to drop out yesterday.

We’re asking you to either complete the existing map OR make one with the layout archie used from scratch with the same architectural design. This includes creating environment assets and universal ones for future maps.

The longer you work with us (future maps, even finishing this one quickly), the more we’ll be willing to pay. We need loyal team members the most.


  • Must be able to use Blender, with mid-to-high poly meshes (whether you like it or not, unions are much less performant and utterly horrible to work with for both the creator and whoever has to edit them afterwards)
    We got archie from “I don’t want to install blender” to creating meshes for us as part of the map. Maybe you could too?
  • Must match the style of the map, or be able to create a new map in the same price range
  • Must be semi-active with progress
  • Must have a portfolio (examples below)

Portfolio requirements

You must have some sort of portfolio.
I don’t have any examples of pictures, but you must have at least one decent-looking finished showcase that is of buildings, or some sort of construction, not just natural terrain.


Payments are currently group pay, around 20K Robux for a finished map + game revenue % post release (with more than one map finished). We will not pay first.

Contact Us

You can contact me via the dev forum, join Discord, or contact any of us via discord tags.


From my personal experience meeting them they seem very professional and coordinated. They actively engage in their community and seem to have a fun and great work environment. I would recommend applying!


i am interested my discord(Builder_Konn#2858) if u like my builds and here is my portofolio https://enesstublla.wixsite.com/website


Invalid invite, add me instead Arc#2777

Hi I am a terrain builder I am interested but the invite is invalid

here is my portfolio


Can you add me on disc, the invite is invalid: Ahagaa187#8351
this is my portfolio [FOR HIRE] Expert Terrain/Low poly builder for hire! + Portfolio

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