[CLOSED] Hiring a Mexican restaurant builder for Picantes

About The Job

Picantes is looking for a professional builder to create a modern or traditional Mexican restaurant (in their own unique style) which will include both exterior & interior building. You will also be required to build kitchen appliances & exterior decorations.

Example of our game's build style

Exterior Examples



Interior Examples:




We’re expecting to pay between :robux_light: 25,000 and :robux_light: 75,000 robux depending on the quality levels of the restaurant. However, payment is negotiable and an amount will be agreed upon before starting the build.

Contact Us

Please reply with your DevForum portfolio or DM me through the DevForum (@Toadiant) with previous work relating to the job. Providing examples of your build-style will help us determine whether you’re a good choice for the role.


Hello, how are you? I’m interested. But i’m don’t use Dev Forum, i prefers Discord. Can you give me a luck, please? My name Discord is Grenouille # 0604

What would the allotted time be? Maybe just an estimate. Thanks.

Hello, there!
Here is my old building portfolio:

[OPEN] Aerozia's Building Commissions [PORTFOLIO ATTACHED] : )

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Hey there I am interested. My discord is: sureloxx#7985

Here is my portfolio [Open] Builder/Scripter

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