(CLOSED) Hiring a professional Builder || R$ and %

About Us

Hello! We are a small up-coming development team, Bloxy TeamWorks.
We are very ambitious and concentrating a lot on the games we are making.
We are friendly and we will happily accept people to our team, but we still expect people to be hard-working and active.

The Team
@Rake_d - Builder 20%
@gamingformer00 - Scripter 40%
@Disglair - GFX Artist (Paid for commission)
@Ethacon_Dev - Animator 10%
@PrimalFidelis Modeler 30%

Our game is about rapping but has many other options.

About The Job

Since I became busy with many other things, I need to hire a professional builder who has many ideas on how to make maps look good.
The builder has to be creative as well and put their own creativity in the builds they make.

In the current project, we need a clubhouse and a mini-city area for the people to explore.

Our game should be done this year since it’s not that big project, but if we come up with other ideas, the game development can take longer.


We are paying in R$ and percentages.
We will be paying in percentages once the game has gone out and does well.
Monthly payments are based on your work.
The estimated monthly payments are 500-1k. (Payment is negotiable)

Contact Us

If you’d like to apply, send me a friend request on Discord Bloxxary#2392

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you on our team. :slight_smile:


hello I already sent you soli in discord I want to join the team


Hey i sent you a request, I’ll also link my portfolio here. :slight_smile:

I sent a friend request on Discord!

hi, i’m interested i send you a request

Hello! I am interested in the building role, you can contact me via forum or on Discord at Dinosoreo32#0306. Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Professional Builder/Modeler Commissions (LOW POLY AVAILABLE!)

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