[CLOSED] Hiring a realistic city builder

About Us

Howdy fellas, myself and my team is looking to pick up a few more builders depending on how things go, we are currently trying to expand our city but we have limited team members to help us achieve them so we are reaching out to for more builders.

The Team

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

As I mentioned above we are looking to pick up builders that can build as an extremely realistic level but low parts as we expect the map to be quite large. I’ve seen a lot of realistic builds on roblox but I don’t expect it to look exactly like real life, pretty much I expect you to be able to use textures and try to replicate a realistic building from pictures.
So pretty much to summarize it I’m looking for builders that can make realistic city buildings and roads using pictures I provide or if you do have Grand Theft Auto V, you can install this software that can help you build easier.

Some pictures just in case you want to see our progress.
image image image image image image


We will pretty much pay per asset, or a group of buildings that are made for the game. Our budget is high but not jailbreak or mad city level high, we don’t expect to be a front page game but we can easily try to achieve it. We are expecting up to 500 concurring players, it is not clear that we will have what we want. Pretty much as mentioned we will be paying in robux per a group of asset this can be negotiated when the time comes out budget is high. The majority of the team is actually developing for no charge, so if you ever feel nice and need a side project we’d love anybody that is willing to build for free of charge.

Contact Us.

We don’t expect you to be old but please be mature and nice when talking to the team. You can required to have discord to put ideas and talk about our development. It isn’t mandatory to have a mic but sometimes we feel generous and like to use voice chat. Aside from that my contact information is:
@TheFirstWithAlex#4779 (Discord)
@thefirstwithalex (Instagram)
@FPSVision (Roblox)
These are the best way to reach me.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’d like to be a builder.Contact me on Discord if you liked my portfolio.


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Hey, you look like you could use some help with realism. Check out my portfolio, I can help.

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I’m interested! I’ve sent my request. Asset pay seems wonderful.


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I would love this job and to be a part of this journey I have sent a friend request to you on discord I will show you some of my past builds and stuff!

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TheFirstWithAlex#4779 if you would like to contact me and we can talk further.

Please send me a private message here, I do not use discord.

No worries, will do.
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Interested in the position, I’ve sent a friend request on Discord. My tag is Laemmle#8800.

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