[Closed] Hiring a Retexture Artist!

Hello developers. My name is Iceblaster500, and I’m looking for someone who can design textures for our in-game ducks!


In our game, ducks will be used as the player’s companions/ pets. Players would be able to unlock new ducks by purchasing them with in-game currency.
We need someone who is able to create 20 different textures of the duck shown below.

About The Job

In order to do this, you will have to create a 2D custom texture of the duck and then apply it on the duck’s mesh. This can be achieved using Adobe Photoshop or other painting tools.
Here is what the duck’s original texture looks like.

Each duck has its own rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

Common: The duck will have a basic texture/ design.
Uncommon: The duck will have more texture than common.
Rare: The duck’s texture should be desirable by others, more attention to detail.
Legendary: The best ducks in the game. We want these ducks to have a “wow factor”.

Additional Information

We want all of these ducks to be hand-made and illustrated rather than placing random textures onto the duck’s default texture. If the game succeeds, we will likely ask you again for more textures (a contractor/ freelancer type of job). You will be creating 5 ducks per rarity listed (common, uncommon, rare, legendary), totaling to 20 ducks. Ideally, we would like to hire someone who has experience with retexturing.


We are paying USD via PayPal. Payment will be negotiated with the person beforehand.


13 years or older to apply. Message me on the Dev Forum or post below and include examples of previous retexture work you’ve done, as well as your Discord.

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I can do this job.If you want to see my old models,textures, here is my porftolio

And some of my old textured guns but i can do better

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