(CLOSED) Hiring GFX Artist!

Hey! My name is Avtixe! I’m currently hiring a GFX Artist who can get me some halloween type ads for my clothing group! It’s a simple job. If I like your work, you probably will be doing much of my ads & other gfx works!

I need around 3 ads. I’m paying 1,000 via t-shirt for all of them!
Add me in discord: Zakaruko#2029
Don’t DM me if you’re NEW at GFX


Hiya! I have a team of experienced GFX members willing to do you this job and maybe even more. Here is some of your work:

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Heya I can do this for you and at a rapid pace and the best quality robux can get you!


Look forward to speaking to you!

Hey I can do what you ask and I do for the best cheap price and I do very professional detailed.

Hey :wave:
I’m looking forward to doing ads!
Here’s my portfolio:[CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio
Discord: NabeelPlays#0051

Heyya, i Think you might have interest in my work :))

Hi ım interested, im a GFX Artist (for hire)
My portfolio here: GFX Artist For Hire - FireAtacck - #6 by Patata12308
If u liked my arts you can contact me on discord

Discord : FireAtacck#7601
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FireAtacck_GFX

Hello! I’m a graphics artist, you may contact me via discord.
I have already sent a friend request to you. zander;;#2567

Hey, I’m Tal. I’m interested in this job! Please message me here or Discord [water bottle #2380] for my portfolio.

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