[CLOSED] Hiring map layout planner

About Us

Hi there! We’re currently working on a modern/industrial style SCPF facility. We’re desperately in need of a good layout so our builders can start on the hallways of our facility.

About The Job

We’re looking for somebody that can make high quality map layouts, to near or the detail of this one here.


We will pay 300-1k R$ depending on the quality of the map.


You can apply for the position by DMing ZackDaBoi, our administrator @ ZackDaBoi#6358 on discord.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Hello! I can maybe do this! I’ve contacted you!

Not here for the request, but Im Interested on how your paying 300-1 million robux just for a map design?

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Ah, whoops! Seems I accidentally put zeros on there!

hmmm i’m actually pretty interested! I will be contacting through devforum

edit: uh zackdaboi is not a devforum user from what i see, can i just message you?

Yea, that’s fine. He never goes on the DevForum.

oh okay, see you in dms!
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Interested! Xeveryi - Logo,Icon,Graphics Designer Portfolio I’ll send a request

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