[CLOSED] I'm looking for a builder

Hello my name is MagikTheDog, and I’m a Programmer.

I’m looking for a part-time builder who would build me individual builds and design the map for me, the game is going to be more of a role-play/hotel type of game because that’s what I want to work on now.
The map design is going to be low-poly, obviously while keeping some of the detail to give a nice feeling for role-playing players.

IMPORTANT - You as a builder, should be patient and organised, willing to adapt building style for the scripting. To be more precise, I would prefer if everything related to the other would be in it’s own “Folder”, we could discuss that after getting hired.
Lastly, I’d prefer if your time zone was close to GMT.

If you need further information then please do reply to the post with the questions and I’ll either reply or add the answers here.

I plan to commission per asset or map due to my lack of time, I do not want to “low-ball” a builder nor do I want time wasted for a “percentage” that may not even succeed.

I do not want to promise a percentage from something that may not even be completed, so I will be fully paying per asset and with Robux.

The price will be negotiated per asset, mainly depends on how detailed, effort, and time you put into it, I am not going to claim like I know all about buildings therefore I am going to have your opinion about the payment as well, to keep it fair and simple.

If you would contact me, I would prefer that you message me through DevForum or Discord.

Magik Manz#9999 - To message me on discord (Reply with your Discord when you add me so I can accept your friend request).


Hi! I have sent you a friend request on Discord. I am maxx.exe#1335

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I have sent you a friend request. AndrewJ.#1719

I am not a builder, but I am interested still.

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Interested, sent you a friend request at kirb.is.awesome#6974.

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Interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

I’m interested. I’ve requested. My tag is Shinyju#1831. I can make small detailed assets.


Thank you to everyone who has applied, I have found the builder I was searching for.

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