[CLOSED] Irrelius | Experienced Builder, Level Designer & Terrain Artist

Awesome with deadlines and dedication, as well as keeping his eye on the ball. Wonderful to work with and has awesome communication skills- A+ Would recommend working with him or even considering him for mostly any project since building is a must-have when compiling a team. :grinning:

Always a pleasure to work with the best UI designer on the site. Thanks for the kind words, Hamed!

Hey Panzerise. Thanks for the kind words, I checked your portfolio and it would seem that it’s not only my work that is professional and clean, keep up the great work!

Thank you, Rokedev! I appreciate the kind words.

As have you! Thank you, Toxen.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it, especially from such a talented clothing creator!

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I am interested sent a friend request!

I am interested I will pay really good and sent you a friend request but is long term sadly, before saying no please tell me the idea of my game.


Commissions open again, only looking to do terrain, lighting and environmental work however.

Thank you!

Nice work mate.

Good luck with your future endeavours.

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Thanks, Bohors! Much appreciated.

Commissions re-opened.

Currently only accepting USD.

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Hello Irrelius! I have taken interest in your skills and I’m currently wondering if your still open for terrain creation. If so please dm me at Yeeboi#0001. (I can’t friend you due to friend requests being blocked)

Greetings, Irrelius - It would be a pleasure to work with you and I am happy to pay via USD. Please see your messages for additional details.

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Review time

I contracted irrelius to work on a desert 2k by 2k baseplate.

He delivered much to my satisfaction. The commission took no longer than a week from start to finish, and he was quick to adjust to requests and receptive, as well as consulting me to allow me to get a better terrain map.

All in all, I’m pleased with the service received and he’s a pleasant chap.

I would recommend irrelius for terrain/environmental needs when he opens!

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Commissions open again, accepting USD + Robux!


Where do I even start? I had been pondering the site looking for an adequate environmental artist. After a few days, I stumbled upon Irrelius. His portfolio looked splendid so I figure I would give it a shot. After being completely understanding with me and kind (lacked in knowledge about some things in terrain), we worked out a deal. He started almost immediately after. It wasn’t long at all before the map was finished and I was awe-struck. It was tough to believe that terrain could look this nice within this platform. I can confidently say that I am MORE than pleased with the result of my commission and service. I would highly recommend hiring Irrelius for your terrain needs and even building if needed. He also knows how to compliment the map with his lighting.

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Thanks for such a wonderful comment man, I really appreciate it.

Was my pleasure working with you.

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Such an easy and well explained commission, my pleasure to work with you Codiyx!


Hi! I’m really interested in hiring you. Do you have discord, it’s easier regarding communications. If yes please reply with the name and tag thank you!