[CLOSED] Jeraemiel || Clothing Designer & Texture Artist

About Me :cherry_blossom:

Hello! I’m a longtime e-seamstress and I’ve recently re-oppened commissions as well as my portfolio. My styles range and I can’t exactly say much about myself that’d realistically show you my enthusiasm for the art- so go ahead and see it for yourself in my showcase. Please refer to my contact info for further questions- my design style varies and I’m willing to say I can create virtually anything clothing template wise. (:

Showcase :coat::dress:

samurai prev yes rivendellyeezus viking commission repost empire preview no flitter male prev
gun1 image

Payment 👛


$35(+) USD $35 USD
10,000(+) R 10,000 R

**These prices are the baseline and depending on the complexity of the request, may go up or downwards. The amount shown is what would be expected after tax .


Please have all details about the model/intended item being textured. I'm able to UV wrap as well as texture, but I will not model the item unless exclusively discussed between yourself and I. My texture prices are not reflected above simply because there's a variety of things that goes into it- and you'll have to contact me personally for a quote. I don't bite, and am always open to negotiate.

Contact :iphone:

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via DISCORD at juwuie#0902


Love the detail on those clothes!


Recently re-opened my commissions, I’m looking for a few bigger projects, or multiple small ones. Thanks!