[CLOSED] Kohaú | Hiring a 3D Modeler

Kohaú | About Us

We are Kohaú, one of the most active restaurant groups on the Roblox platform. Our goal is to innovate on the restaurant industry and provide a fun game experience, where players can connect with each other and socialize.

Kohaú | About The Job

The development team is currently working on reworking the game from the ground up, with loads of new features to go with it. We are looking for an active modeler who can work part time for us to create numerous assets for the rework. Some assets you will be creating are:

  • Pets
  • Props
  • Food

The style we are looking for is a mix of low poly and mid poly (semi realistic, but not overly realistic).

Kohaú | Job Requirements

  • Must be 13 years old or older
  • Must have good experience with modeling and texturing on Blender or any similar programs, with a low poly and semi-realistic style
  • Must have a Discord account
  • Must have a clean record within the Roblox community and our community
  • Must have knowledge with keeping meshes optimized.
  • Must have a portfolio ready to present
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have a Trello account.

Kohaú | Nice to Have

  • A microphone. We host the rare occasional meeting in a VC, so having a microphone will help!
  • A creative mindset, pitching in ideas for future content. We don’t believe in an “I” with our direction, we believe in a “We”!
  • Experience with working in the cafe or restaurant industry. Bonus points if you’ve worked for any notable groups!

Kohaú | Job Perks

As a modeler, you will get to enjoy numerous perks, including:

  • A special Contributor nametag in-game and Discord role
  • You will be credited in-game for your work.
  • A nice work environment that is BAME and LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • Flexible pay
  • More perks soon!

Disclaimer: Some perks will not be granted until you make a contribution/complete your first job.

Kohaú | Payment

The payment will be negotiated between you and us. You will be paid per task completed, with the starting price being 3,000 Robux via group funds (in most situations), which can increase a lot depending on what needs to be done.

Kohaú | Contact

Interested in applying? Feel free to contact our lead developer on Discord:

  • TheDoggoAkita#0081

What would each task be considered?


5 food models for 3,000RBX


All food models for 3,000RBX

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We’ll be paying around 3,000 per model, but it depends on the complexity.


How’s it going! I’m pretty used to the low poly aspect of modeling, so I feel like I might be of good use!

I currently don’t have a portfolio on the devforums website, but I do have a place where I store buildings and models, I haven’t updated it in a while, so I’d like to say I’ve made some progress since then

Dev Portfolio: Dev Portfolio - Roblox

If you’re interested, let me know on Discord at (O_Type#9435)

Could you send a discord server invite and a group link? So we can check it out!

I would love to be a builder! ObbyMasterMine#0001

My name is Breck, which is Irish!
Here is my portfolio! [New] ObbyMasterMine | Builder/Modeler/UI Designer

I have worked for many groups, such as the below.

Splendid Cafe - Developer
Hype Hotels and Resorts - Head Developer
Bubble Tea - Developer
Project FA - Developer
Smart Coast Hotels - UI Designer

And others!

I would love to work with you guys, making the group better and better each day!

Thank you for reading my application,

For Additional Support, shoot me a DM!

Best Regards,

ObbyMasterMine | Breck

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