[CLOSED!] Large Simulator Game | Low-Poly Builder Needed!

About us
Hey! We are Infinite Studios a small upcoming development team on roblox. We are currently working with a game called :crossed_swords:Weapon Swinging Simulator. :crossed_swords:
We all work hard to take the game to another level.

The Team
@claudiumateescu - Team Leader & Helper
@WaterJamesPlough - Head Scripter
@You? - Builder
@dantdm8n - 3D Modeler
@Supermonkeycat - Animator
@OhltsSakura - UI Designer

About The Job

We are looking for a good Low poly Builder that can work with us as a Team. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another. We plan to release the game early next month. :crossed_swords:

About the game

The game is a simulator where the player spawns with a starter sword. The player then have to swing the sword in order to earn swing points. The swing points can then be sold of coins. With the coins the player will be able to buy better swords, “DNA” or “Ranks”. The better DNA a player has the more swing points the player can have at a time. The higher ranks a player have the higher multiplier they get + unlocking new zones. They can also buy eggs to hatch with coins & Gems. The eggs contains pets which will boost the players swing points per swing. Players can also unlock new areas with coins which will also boost their swings if they are in that area. There will be plenty of new features in the next updates.

What we need from you as a builder :

  • Experience in building for games, especially simulators!
  • Experienced with low poly builds.
  • Active, Dedicated and fast worker.
  • Able to make a large map , lobby , floating islands , king of the hill , boss area & and other things discussed in dms.
  • Must be 13+

Here will be some pictures with examples of maps I like.


Credit @Txmpest_Dev for the map up here!

Credit @Zda_rc for the map photos posted up there ^

Payment will vary on the profit made from the game! Payment is a Commitment that I will make happen and make sure everyone gets their fair share. Payments will be distributed AFTER the game is released and they will depend on the profit made from the game!

Builder - [20% - 25%]

Contact me
Contact me at Ninja13#8246 so we can talk further about the game. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No offence, but 25% is too low for a builder building an entire map. You should either pay them over 30% at least, if there are over 3 developers. Other than that, just pay them at least 50K Robux. Perhaps if you increase the Payment, people would actually apply for the job. I hope this helped :smile:

I am interested in this job! I sent you a friend in Discord at Artibyte#1517, and here is my portfolio!

Do you have any successful games? If this game doesn’t go to plan how will you pay your Developers?

Well, if we develop the game totally till a level where its enjoyable and playable we could contact different investors who are trusted, and are willing to invest in the game :slight_smile:
I myself know about 4 of them who I contacted earlier too. And no, that’s our first game. But I’m sure that it will blow up because our current team members are really good and working fast!

We don’t have 3 developers. We have 5… I don’t have 50K In group funds to pay at the moment that’s why I’m doing % . But yeah thanks for the suggestion.

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