[CLOSED] Len_ny | 4+ Years Of Expierence | 3D Designer, Meshes / UV's / Texturing

– Before We Start

Titles are important and myn may be a little more important then the average title. So here’s a small bullet list to explain to you what the Titles I make mean :slight_smile:

[CLOSED] : Closed commissions, I am either overbooked or just as being fully booked, I recommend waiting a few days or a week and then asking again as I get my work done pretty fast.

[OPEN] : Commissions are opened, I will usually add a number here to how many models I am accepting at any time but you should know any one customer can order up to 5 models (both without uv and with all the uv, and texturing you want) at any given time and can order another 5 after that.

Orders Available: 0

– About Me

Hi I am len_ny and I am a 3D Artist, I specialize in 3d Models and Texturing.

– Previous Job’s

Knife Capsules, Berezaa Games, InsanelyLuke, Repotted, Abudiak, Vesteria, Rolve, AbstractAlex, and Sharksie have all purchased models and artwork from me!

From working with all of these amazing people, especially from IDontHaveAUse, was how I learned how to make professional looking, premium products for anyone who purchases them and uses them!

– Image Catalog / What you can expect

Some parts of this imgur are textured but I put them in too early, I will hopefully get the textured versions in there as soon as possible!

I have seen myself improve immensely while working with wood texturing especially so I hope you can find a way for me to work on that or metal, both I really want to work on.

– What I can do

I have experience in making the mesh, UV Editing the mesh to a professional grade, and Texturing the mesh to whatever style you would prefer on the mesh.

– Conclusion

In conclusion, I am a self-taught 3D Designer. I love my work, love teammates, and want to see what I can become! I love ROBLOX just as much as you and I hope you want me on your team! :wink:

– Substance Painter / Updated Texturing

M9 Bayonet:


Sniper Rifle:



Awesome models.

Thank you :smiley:

Hey I am open again, got 10 open spots for you guys and you can snatch em up or get me to make you something one by one, your choice!

Substance is kinda pointless for roblox because it doesnt support PBR. You could go with 3d Coat for handpainted stuff, or go oldschool 2009 and use bodypaint + photoshop

Thanks, was just testing it out, it does do significant work for both hand painted looks and pbr, the bumps may not show but they can be put on the model as a texture and look better then without.

Plus why not learn now then later? lol

Yeah but I’ve heard better things about 3d coat for hand painted. Bodypaint are good for non pbr but realistic texturing jobs

Looks really good.

we all like to use what we like to use, most can do the same job with different functions to do it

/shrug :^)

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