[CLOSED] Looking for 3D Monster Artist


I’m an independent developer currently working on a horror project. My end goal is a series of what I would consider short stories. I am rather inexperienced with 3D art so I am interested in hiring someone to bring my first monster to life.

At the moment I only need one monster done, it would be slightly larger than an R6 humanoid model, and would need to be moderately detailed. I am able to pay in either USD (Paypal) or :robux: and it is entirely negotiable. The timeframe is adjustable as I am putting finishing touches on the framework for the AI and programming the primary game loop. I will be looking to create more monsters in the future and would love to have someone to work with in the future.

Some minor details:

  1. It does not have to be rigged, just rig-able.
  2. It does not need to be textured though it would be preferred.
  3. I will be providing concept art and working with the artist directly to achieve the best results.

You can reach me (preferably) on my Twitter: @RickHoss_Dev
Or at Discord: Dick#0784

For fun, here’s the only preview I have available at the moment:


Can you show an example of the monster you need?

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Hello! :wave:

Here is my Portfolio.


Wow! I apologize, but I’ve already had someone make my monster. You’re very talented, and I could definitely use your skills in the future as I will be needing more monsters soon. I’ll reach out to you when I design my next one :grin:

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