[CLOSED] Looking for a game programmer! (50K RS + 35%)

About Us

Hello there, my name is Concurrental and I am an amateur game developer and also Vice Chairman of Epik Clothing Designs. Recently, myself and the ECD Chairman, EpikShadowz, an experienced developer, formed a game development group called C&E Games.

We have been Roblox members for almost a decade and we are now looking, using funds made available from Epik Clothing Designs, to launch our first, proper game outside of the clothing industry.

Before going any further, it is crucial for you to know that this will be an First Person Paintball game.

The Team
@Concurrental - Project Leader & Developer
@EpikShadowz - Developer
@CouldBeYou - Programmer
@TroubleRB - UI Designer
@SkyZillah - GFX Artist

Game progress*

A Character Rig example

Current Map Progress

The three maps you see above are created by me, Concurrental. EpikShadowz will also be contributing three maps in time for launch. For examples of his work, visit: EpikShadowz Work - Album on Imgur

About The Job

You will be joining our ambitious team in creating a coherent game by the turn of the year.

We will need scripts that include, but are not limited to;

  • Map Rotation
  • Level & XP System (with capacity for gamepasses + gun unlocking system)
  • Paint Projectiles & Gun Functionality
  • Game Modes (Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag ect)
  • Functioning UI
  • Pre-set Character Rigs
  • Kill Cam
  • Ammo + Reload

You will be given the UI Design, gun models and character rigs in due course.

The desired gameplay is to be similar to that of Daxter33’s Paintball. The original game is now broken, but you can play the re-created version here: ⭐Paintball! Classic Remastered - Roblox

If you are only able to provide some of the required components listed above, please get in contact with me anyway; we will hire more than one person if neccasary, though payments would then be made on an asset-by-asset basis.

You will also be required to assist with updates post-launch.

About You

Evidently, this will be a big role therefore it’s imperative that we have a good working relationship. Therefore, it’s neccasary that you meet the following criteria;

  • Aged 13+
  • 1+ Year(s) Scripting/Programming Experience
  • 1+ Game Credit(s) for Scripting/Programming
  • Fluent English Speaker


We have a big budget for game marketing, thus we predict we will make a lot of money, providing the gameplay and game-passes are what we are wanting it to be. That is why we are providing a fixed percentage, as well as a fixed Robux fee.

You will be paid 50,000 Robux/$175 through weekly instalments during active work, with the complete fee having been sent to you by the completion of the game/your work.

You will then receive 35% of all the Robux generated from the game on a week-by-week basis.

Payments will be made via Group Funds.

Contact Us

State your intent by replying to this post with your portfolio. Also, mention your Discord tag so that I can easily get in contact with you. I will select the person(s) I seem fit for the role.

Best of luck.


Hi, I’m potentially interested in this job.
My discord : Jeanpaupaul#0446

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please contact me:

I fit for all your requirements and would like to work with you. Here is my portfolio.

Kind Regards,

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