[CLOSED] Looking for a logo designer

I am looking to hire someone to create a logo for my game rblx.co/pinata-sim
I can pay anywhere from 5-15K
Message me on discord (Natalie#9127) or link a portfolio here if you’re interested. Thank you.


I won’t be volunteering, but you should add the theme of the game and how you want the logo to look like because people want to know the workload. Yes, they can just message you, but some people just want to know it right then and there.

Hi @Natalie_Clabo, :happy1:

I am new to the dev forum and i am also interested.
I can make a simple 2D picture of a Picture.
Because its easy i will accept 500 R$
( it can be lower if you want )
Down are questions if you want to know info.

  • When will the picture be done : within some weeks.
  • What is the min. Price : the lowest price i accept is 250.
  • What kind of payout you want : i can accept R$

Thats wass it message me back if you are interested. :happy1:

Have a nice day !!

Sent you a discord friend request. My username is Scripter_123#9167.

Still looking for a logo designer?

If so, here’s my work. Commissions: Jupiterc's Digital Drawings

Contact me if interested!

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