[CLOSED] Looking for a logo for my game

My Request

I am simply looking for a logo for my game to use. This would be artwork, not a render. It would only be a few (one probably) design with a few variations (color mostly). Contact me on Discord at marf#3547 if you’re interested.


You will be paid in Robux through a t-shirt.


Hi I am going to add you on discord!

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Please send me an FR on there.

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Sent you a friend request! Here’s my portfolio: [OPEN] d1tr | Logo Designer

If this job is still available, I do simple 2D art here is an example;

(thumbnail I made for my friends game)
Message me here on the devforum if interested!

What if the designer doesn’t have Builders club? then you’ll have to pay extra to hide the fees roblox takes…

Still looking for 2D art? Contact me on Foul#0347 if you’re interested after viewing my portfolio.

Hey, are you still looking for a logo? If you are, I’d be interested. Here’s my portfolio:

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Yes, contact me on Discord. You can find it up there.

Sent you a request. My username is Emma240606#1801

Try using group payouts or paypal next time. T-shirts aren’t a good option to go as ROBLOX will take fees for users who aren’t using ROBLOX Premium.

Is this still open? 30000 CHARS

I thought you scrapped the project? if not then why couldn’t you contact that other guy who made the GFX for you.

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