[CLOSED] - Looking for a Map Builder


Hello! I am setherroni, a former Roblox accelerator just looking for someone to build a new map for my upcoming game, Escape or Destroy. Check it out here:

About The Job

I am looking for a quality 3D Modeler / builder to design, layout and create a new map. Currently, I am looking for an amusement park style map (ferris wheel, roller coasters, etc), however, if your creative side is really calling to you, I am open to other ideas! This project has a lot of creative freedom.

Nothing on the map needs to be functional. In Escape or Destroy, the entire map will be destroyed by the Destroyer, so the map needs to be built with this in mind.


  • No smooth terrain, parts only.
  • The map needs to be a square, preferably 500x500, but other sizes are acceptable as long as they are somewhat close to 500x500, and they are a square.
  • No big parts. Everything you build/model needs to be broken up into smaller parts, so that when they explode they fragment into pieces. The parts don’t need to be extremely small, but parts should not be large.
  • There is a height limit. The Destroyer UFO flies in the sky at a set height, so naturally the parts of the map should not collide or clip with the destroyer.
  • Organize the Workspace. You must name, group and organize parts and models. Do not give me a messy and unorganized map.
  • Keep performance in mind. You don’t necessarily need to make it low-poly, but since this game is somewhat heavily physics based, triangle count needs to be as low as possible.
  • Don’t let the map be too open. Escapees need to have sufficient cover to be able to hide from the Destroyer, so the map needs to be populated with plenty of places to run and hide.
    -Be an effective communicator. Keep me updated with new progressions on the project. If you cannot effectively communicate and keep me updated, please do not sign up for this project.
    Play the game. To best understand how to construct and design your map, it’s a good idea to actually play the game to see how things function.
    -Show me previous work I will need at least a small portfolio so I can see what you are capable of.


Deadline will be June 25th, but please do not rush the project and take your time. I am happy to offer an extension of time if it seems you have made good progress but need more time to polish things up.


I will be paying $200 USD via your preferred payment method (PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash App, etc)

Contact Me

If you are interested, please contact me on Twitter (@setherroni) or here on the developer forum, although I will respond quicker if you contact me via Twitter.


Interested, do you have discord?

Hey here is my portfolio.

Holy cow your work is outstanding lol.

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