[CLOSED] Looking for a scripter for a festive update! (5k Robux)

About Us

Hello there, my name is Concurrental and I am the Vice-Chairman of Epik Clothing Designs, a group which has amassed well over 13,000 members and is growing rapidly. We launched our ‘Epik Homestore’ (V9) in July. With limited promo, we’ve amassed 2,600+ unique plays. Though, we’re planning to go into Christmas with a bang and we need a scripter to do a small job which will be implemented late-November.

Our store: Epik Homestore - Roblox

About The Job

We need an elf model to spawn randomly around the small-ish map. The model should spawn, last for five seconds, then disappear. Only appearing every sixty seconds and in random places across the map and homestore interior. When a character touches it/walks over it, the characters should then morph into a festive outfit we will provide. Furthermore, the players would receive a badge for finding it.


We would be willing to pay you 5,000 Robux this job. You will also receive a credit in the description and a ‘Met #’ badge which players will earn when they’re in the same server as you.

Contact Us

Reply with your portfolio and mention your Discord #, so that I can message you if I’m intrigued by your work. Myself and EpikShadowz look forward to working with you for this special moment in ECD history.


yo, i don’t exactly have a portfolio, but i would have “evidence” to back up my capabilities in dms,

Hey. I could do this job. Here is my portfolio: Scripting portfilio [2.5 years of experience] - #11 by n3ver_ice. Here is my discord: Maxen2031#3524

I am interested, here is my portfolio:
[OPEN] Versatile Developer [Programmer/ Animator/ 3 years + experience]

Message me if you are interested in hiring me discord: Inc_X#8975

Hey I’m a scripter with 6 years of experience, I’ll send a portfolio via Discord, friend me at SpicyHoney#3619

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