[CLOSED] Looking for a UI-Designer for RTS Game. [UP TO 15K R$ + 10%]

Island Conquest [Name Variable] is planned to be an RTS game where players fight for control over an Island. Construct bases, capture villages, and ally with a world power to destroy your enemy!

This game is set in the 1800s specifically during the Napoleonic Era. This is when armies still used muskets and calvary [men on horses with sharp sticks].

This game has been an idea for almost half a year now and now I want to make it a real thing!

Lead Programmer- @UnknownParabellum

Programmer - @Cruizer_Snowman

UI Designer - @You

Helper - @TinyEndoskeletonGuy

Helper - @thenitropl

As a UI Designer, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and Mapping out all UI Elements in the Game
  • Creating all UI Elements in the Game
  • Staying Motivated and Making Steady Progress

  • Must have Fluent English Communication Skills
  • Must be Mature
  • Must create Good Quality UI Designs
  • Must be able to respect deadlines
  • Must have Previous Work Experience
  • Over 13 Years Old
  • Must have a Portfolio

These are traits that are highly valued in applicants.

  • Over 2 Years of Experience
  • Extensive Experience

Payment will include:

  • 15 000 R$ is the current budget. This budget is flexible and I am able to pay more if required.

  • 10% of the game’s future profits until you receive at most 100 000 R$

More Info Regarding Game-Design and Monetization Will Be Given If You Contact Me

When contacting me please be sure to link this DevForum Post so I know you are coming from here. Also please link your Portfolio.
You can contact me via Discord or via The DevForum:

To contact me via Discord I suggest Replying to this Post with your Discord Username and friending my account.

Discord: CX<#3933

To contact me via the DevForum please direct message me and we can continue from there.

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View my portfolio here: [OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

If you are interested in my style contact me at GodRot#7834.

Would UI’s like these be good enough.
The first one is an original life bar concept i created for someone.

Hello! I am interested in the position.
I have sent a friend request via discord.

My discord: zander;;#2567