[CLOSED] Looking for Scripters, UI, etc



About Us

Hi there! I’m Awesomewebm, the Lead Developer for GoTestRBLX.
The Team
@GoTest334 - Founder / CEO
@Aweomewebm - Lead Developer
@CBlossom490 - Developer
@Canadianscout2017 - Developer
@PokeAnimationsYT - Investor

Here are a couple of images of our project:


About The Job

We are looking for a builder who can do short contract work and some one time developers to do one or more the following:

  • UI Design
  • Waterslide Scripting


Depending on what you do for us, prices are listed below

  • UI Buttons, Design; 500-1K R$
  • Waterslides - 500-1K R$ (Scripting Only)

Contact Us

You can contact me @Awesomewebm here on the Developer Forum or via Discord, my tag is: Awesomewebm#5430
For payment, please ask for the group owner’s tag
Due to technical limitations, I cannot do VC

Thanks for reading!


I am interested in the UI Design position!

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I think I can program your waterslide. I expect you already have it built?, however I will have to take a look at it first. I have 5 years of programming experience and over 1 year of Roblox Lua scripting. However for my own security I need at least 25%(So at least 125 R) of the payment before I start the job. Thanks again for the opportunity.

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Are you looking for a GFX artist ?
Here is my portfolio : https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-ardominb-pro-gfx-artist-for-hire/524980
Feel free to contact me on Discord : Ay-Men xD#7917

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So you’ve been programming since you were 8 years old? Wow!


My Dad mainly taught me, but in the past few years I taught myself

I am interested

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