[CLOSED] Looking for Translators [ES, FR, PT, etc.]

Tornado Alley Ultimate - Looking for Translators

About Me

Hello! I am 1billybob1, developer for the game ‘Tornado Alley Ultimate’ on ROBLOX. I have been active in the ROBLOX community since 2008, and have been actively developing on this platform since 2010.

You can find Tornado Alley Ultimate here: [NEW MAPS!] Tornado Alley Ultimate - Roblox

About The Job

I am currently attempting to bring Tornado Alley Ultimate to a global audience, and arguably the best way to do that is to translate the game into multiple other popular languages. What I’m looking for is a fluent, experienced translator who has a history of translating ROBLOX games in the past.

These are the languages I am actively pushing for at the moment:

  • Spanish [CLOSED]
  • French [OPEN]
  • Portuguese [OPEN]

I also plan to hire translators for these languages, but they are not top priority at the moment:

  • Italian [OPEN]
  • German [OPEN]
  • Russian [OPEN]
  • Korean [OPEN]

You must be confident enough in your English skills to communicate with me if English is not your native language.

I am also looking for translators with a history of translating ROBLOX games.


Price is negotiable but my only options of payment are via group funds or T-shirt purchasing (tax will be covered).

Once payment is discussed, agreed upon, and finalized, 25% of the finalized price will be paid before you begin. Once you complete half of the work, another 25% will be paid to you totaling 50% of payment for 50% of the work. Once the rest of the work is complete, the remainder 50% of the total will be paid to you.

Contact Us

You can contact me either here on the Developer Forums, my twitter (https://twitter.com/1billybob1), or my Discord 1billybob1#5698

If you decide to reach out, please be sure to provide previous examples of games you’ve translated for.

Thanks for reading, and I can not wait to work with you! :grinning:


Interested, UnknownCreativity#3331, sent you a request.

Very interested, I added you on discord kyzer#9336.

I sent you a request on discord at:

I’m interested in lasdar17 # 9866

I can provide Spanish translation, I’ve added you on discord Papabos#7962

I am very interested

I couldn’t see my language but if you interested…


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I’m interested, RealyConfus1on#5839 I’ve translated Innovation Space Ship for Russian.

Hmm, this seems interesting, I can provide Italian and German translation. I have added you on discord and my username is Nv#2008. I hope to talk with you soon!

I am interested.

Here are the games I translated:
Blade Throwing Simulator, Batting Champions, Heli Rush, Bullseye Simulator, Lumberjack Legends, Snack Simulator, Fishing Simulator, Faction Defense Tycoon, Turbo Clash, Wizard Legends, Zombie Tags , Shoot out and Robot Simulator

My discord: Millidium#4212
My portfolio: French Translator
My language: French

Hi i’m interested about that discord: ang32#4407

I’m tackling languages one at a time, so please be patient if you’ve reached out! As long as you fit the criteria and there’s an open space, I’ll be in touch soon!


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