[CLOSED] Low Poly Builder [20K-30K R$]


Hello! We are Odyssey Asylum Roleplay, we are in need of builders to build a city for our game.

The Team
@LowkeyNatey - Owner/Manger For Development
@xJi_mmy - Owner

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced builder which would be able to join our team and build a low poly city. We will be expecting high quality models on the map which can relate to the style of the game. We will need to see your portfolio for we can review you for you can begin.


We are paying 20k-30k for the project in a whole, depending on the quality. Our preferred payment method is R$. We will offer a contract for you to sign that will guarantee payment for the map you’ve created.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, from there I will get your Discord tag for further discussions.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


can you show us how u want the builds to look like?


interested AstraAxis#1484 (safsafsafsaf)

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I’m interested. Hit me up!
My discord is ops#5148

Hello, could you show me what you want your builds to look like?
i’m very intrested
discord: It’s a CasualExperience#2543

Hello! I’m extremely interested. My discord tag is FearForte#6647 I will show you my portfolio and extra examples that I have made recently! :slight_smile:

Hey contact me I am the owner of Cartoony_Community and I could use the money to sponsor my game / group

Here is a sample of the game that I am creating I am a 3D low poly builder ! :slight_smile:

Discord Cartoony_Community#0593

if you can’t contact me than contact me through the group at Discord
My Neighborhood BETA - Roblox

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I’m interested in becoming a builder! My discord is: valor#9190

Why did you delete this post? [30 Characters]

Hello I am very interested RoadmanBruno#1589

Emily#3335, I’m intersted. :blush:

I can build in low poly I recently made 2 low poly trees they turned out amazing if you prefer me my discord is Pitapata14#2881 :smiley: Hope I work for you.

EDIT: I made it sound like I only made 2 trees LOL no I made lots of things

Interested. marky#6802

Greetings! I am a builder, UI and a graphic designer. I am interested in your project and I hope that my skillset will be a great addition to your group!

My discord: Blacc#9878

Hope to work with you, thank you!


I’m interested.

I have had over 3 years of experience in building and I know my way around, here is my portfolio: [CLOSED] Gloows | Builder & Game Designer (outdated), so if you add me on discord, I’ll send more screen shots depending if I’m home or not.

My discord: gloows#0001

Best regards, gloows.

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