[closed] Map Builder Wanted

Hello, and thank you for reading my thread!

The map featured above is a wasteland-ified version of a PvP map from Fat Princess. Currently, I feel as if my game is pretty solid, however it needs at least two more maps in my opinion (it only has this one). To make this brief, I’m willing to pay anywhere between $100 and $180 per map. The details of the map’s design can be discussed in detail privately, since there are a few objects which need to be present and configured in a specific way.

Game Details: For anyone who is curious, this is a capture the flag game, where 2 teams fight on the battlefield over resources to upgrade their team assets and get a leading edge on the enemy team. See: Fat Princess

If you’re interested in building a fun map for players to play on, message me! Feel free to ask questions below:D


I could probably do something like this, given reference pictures of what you want and a detailed description of the layout and such.

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