(CLOSED) Mixeluted Studios is looking for secondary scripter

About us

Hello there, We are Mixeluted Studios small and new game studio,
We are currently working on our first game, This job is LONG TERM JOB

@EsplishData - Founder & Main Scripter
@Dev_MIKI - Co-Founder & Main Builder
@you - Secondary Scripter

About job

We’re looking for somebody that can work with UIS,Objects,Services etc.
You will need be able to script GUIS, Marketplace, Working with Objects etc.
You will be doing things as we task you

Current tasks

  • Make functional gems & coins dev products
  • Script functional superpowers more info in DM’s


We will be paying 5K + R$ until game start making revenue,
When game will be doing some revenue you will be getting 25% of revenue


If you’re interested please contact me on discord

Hello! I’m really intrested on that job!

My portfolio: [OPEN] ZelqDev I Programmer, 2D Graphic Designer and GFX Artist

Discord: Zelq#0001

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Hello. I am interested, please accept my request on discord (XDvvvDX#5917).

Hey, im intrested in this!

Portfolio: TheFuNNyGaMe’s Portfolio
Discord: flm#0001

I’m Interested dm me at Infrar#3439

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